Hello! We are the Farvers (Josh, Jenny, Ally, Abby, Tim and Trey). We were recently appointed by ABWE to be missionaries to Togo, West Africa. We have an incredible ministry opportunity we would love to share with you.  Here is just a sneak peak at what God is doing and how we hope to be involved.

ABWE (Association of Baptist for World Evangelism) built a hospital in Tsiko, Togo, just 25 years ago. In those 25 years, the compassionate care offered at the Karolyn Kempton Memorial Hospital has saved thousands of lives both physically and spiritually. Over 40 churches have been planted as a direct result of the hospitals evangelistic outreach, and these churches are now planting their own churches!

The problem, though, is that this hospital is the only one of its kind for many miles. One of the neediest people groups of West Africa lives 250 miles to the north of the Tsiko hospital in the city of Mango. Mango is sub-Saharan, which means it is like the desert most of the year. The people are very poor and have very little resources or education. The religion is predominantly Muslim, and they have virtually no quality health-care anywhere near them. They need physical help, but more than that, they need the Gospel!

Recently, city officials in Mango invited ABWE to help after experiencing the care offered at the current hospital in the south. This normally closed culture has enthusiastically asked us to build a hospital for them! This is an amazing opportunity! We have actually been invited into the 10/40 window by Muslims!

Needless to say, ABWE jumped at the opportunity. Groundbreaking took place in October 22, 2009! Eight missionaries have been there now for over a year and are learning the culture and language and strategizing how we might best be able to minister to the people of Mango. God is doing great things there already!

We want to be used of God in this project! Here is how we hope to help: 

  • Josh has a degree in Biblical Studies with a heart to lead Muslims to Christ and plant churches. He is passionate about building one-on-one relationships with the men and families in Mango that will lead to evangelism and discipleship.
  • Jenny is a nurse and would love to help in the hospital, do community health projects, and work with women and children.

Serving Together for Him,
Josh, Jenny, Ally, Abby, Tim and Trey Farver

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