Receive our greetings from La Loma, Dgo.  Our prayers are with you all. May God continue blessing your lives. We want to start thanking you for your prayers and faithful support since we started serving the Lord in La Loma, with no doubt you have a very important part in our ministry and also a blessing to our family.

The church in La Loma is growing, new people is adding, we knock doors every week to share the Gospel with the people. We have two routes, one in La Loma and other in a village named La Goma.  Now we are praying for a new route that we are going to start in two weeks. It is a village near to La Loma, called Monterreycillo. Please join with us in prayer that God may bless this new project, and we can see many people getting saved, changing their lives and be adding to the church.

During the year we have special services at the church so more people may know Jesus and invite Him to their hearts. In March we co-work with the church in Torreon to have the Youth Camp in La Loma. In June we will be celebrating our 9th Anniversary with many special services focus on church growing and family; in July we have VBS, September we make our Missions compromise for a year and a special service we call Mexican Night, December we celebrate Christmas with another special service with food, gifts, candies and piñatas.

About our family, we are doing well; our kids are growing and enjoying serving God in La Loma. Also my wife and I serve God at the Christian School at the church in Torreon, my wife is a teacher and I pick up the kids do the devotions with the kids every morning.