Here, at IBBG, we are very thankful with the Lord because at the end of this month, on the 28th we are celebrating our 19th Anniversary.

The church here has being growing, families are adding to the body of Christ, new people is coming almost every service and getting saved.

We still in the business of people can know Jesus as their personal Savior. Because of that, what we do every week is to go to the neighborhoods around the city and knock doors to tell the people about the Gospel and guide them to receive Jesus in their hearts. Also we have special services and activities during the year to share the Gospel: every February we have our Anniversary services; in March, the Youth Camp; in May, the Family Conference, in July, VBS; in September, Mission Conference; in November, a week with services every day and preaching the Gospel door-to-door, and in December, our Christmas service.

In August 2011, we started the Christian School; actually we have 20 students from K4 to 8th grade.  This ministry had become a great blessing to our church’s families; the teachers are doing their best to teach the kids and guide them to do the things for the Lord and the kids are doing a good job.

Also in January we began with a new mission in a Village named Mieleras, which is around 45 minutes away from the city, a young couple and some other people from our church is working there knocking on doors, having a Wednesday service and bringing them to our church on Sunday morning.

About construction work, we are still working on the construction of the Christian School Building. It will be a three-story building. We are working on the first story;it has the bathrooms and 3 classrooms, and even though it is not finished, we use it for some our Sunday School classes.

We want to encourage you to keep praying for us as a family, please keep praying for my wife’s health. Pray for our ministries that the Lord continues to blessing the work we do for Him here in Torreon.