Becoming a Christian

How do you become a Christian? First of all, you don’t become a Christian by joining a church, adopting a creed, or by believing in God…

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What We Believe

These are the statements of faith Cornerstone Bible Fellowship believes are foundational to life as a Christian…

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Becoming a Member

How do you become a member of Cornerstone Bible Fellowship Church? We walk you through the steps of church membership…

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Sunday Gatherings

We recognize it can be a big deal to walk into a new place for the first time. It is our goal to provide welcoming and engaging worship opportunity every Sunday. Here is more information about what to expect when you come through our doors.


Why Do We Have Elders?

The New Testament epistles regularly speak of a plurality of church leaders, commonly called “elders.” An elder is one of a plurality of biblically qualified men who jointly shepherd and oversee a local body of believers.


Why Do We Have Deacons?

Based on the New Testament, the role of the deacon is mainly to be a servant. The church needs deacons to provide logistical and material support so that the elders can focus on the Word of God and prayer.

church staff

Our Staff

These are the faces of the people in leadership roles at Cornerstone Bible Fellowship.
Pastor Josh Farver
Senior Pastor
Travis Smith
Travis Smith