I went to see “Man of Steel” the latest and greatest remake of the original Superman movie over the weekend. It was my first time seeing a movie at the local Newton movie theater. To be honest it was the first movie I had seen at a movie theater in a year. The Capital Theater was a neat experience and it was almost like taking a trip back in history, but I am getting off track here. So, the little kid in me that still remains could not resist going to see the newly repackaged Superman movie. Of course all of the special effects were a major improvement and Superman himself was even a bigger & stronger version of what Christopher Reeve had been. The movie overall was good, not great. But I am not writing this blog to review movies, I am writing about this movie because of the underlying theme of this movie that was definitely not hidden in any way.

As a matter of fact it might as well had a flashing neon light pointing to it. The fact that our world is in need of a Savior jumped off the screen in this movie. The connections between our Savior Jesus Christ and the man in the spandex sporting the cape could not have been more obvious. Superman is sent to earth, the only begotten son of his parents to save the human race. Clark (Superman) lives on earth for 33 years before realizes his destiny and begins his battle against the forces of darkness to save our world. And if all of these examples that I have given are not quite blatant enough for you, try this one on for size. There is a scene when Clark is talking to his pastor in a church in the town he grew up in, and as they zoom in on him in the background over his shoulder we see Jesus Christ on the stain glass window. Yes, they tried as hard as they could to paint Superman as a type of Christ-like figure. The amazing thing was, the people of earth in their own way accepted Clark in much the same manner as they received Christ in His earthly ministry. Clark is despised and rejected by almost everyone he comes into contact with. The U.S. Military even tries their best to kill him as he tries to protect them from the real enemies. Even though he is here to save them, the world does not receive him as their own. Yet he is willing to lay down his life for them, even as they try to kill him. It is amazing to me that even Hollywood recognizes that this world will always reject the One sent to save us all.